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‘Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go’

Well its 2 weeks into the new year and  now I’m panicking, I’m behind schedule, I should be running 13 miles by now but still only up to 6.  I had the lovely virus that’s going around and stopped me running for 2 weeks.  I have managed fast dog walks and last night was my first run since the 29th December, I had already entered so not an easy choice the Bath Skyline 10k  a 10k trail night run.  It was a 2 lap course so I had said if I finished lap one before 50 minutes, I would do lap 2!  Lap 1 in just over 45 minutes so 2 laps it was.  It was a mixture of gravel tracks, open fields, pavement, rocky forest paths, narrow tracks and very muddy paths.  The first lap I didn’t Jeff, but used the rest at the bottleneck points to rest, second lap I did 120 second run and 20 second rest. I managed to keep my shoes on the first time when I hit the muddy trail, 2nd time I took a slight detour left of the track.  My main difficulty was my eye sight despite a head and chest torch since I was on my own in many places with no one to follow I couldn’t see the track easily.


Time is flying past

The last few weeks while I’ve managed dog walks, I don’t seem to have any time for running, so its week 11 of my training plan. I’ve only managed 10 runs in the first 10 weeks of my training, I should be up to 13 miles now, but not ran more than 10k.  Time for some serious me time to catch up, though not sure where I will fit that in!

Previous years I’ve also done a spin class per week but due to work, I’ve cancelled the Gym, so have to find an alternative cross training class do to Jeff says Aqua Running so may try that in our local pool.

I’m going to concentrate on the Marathon first of all, with some runs back to back to  practice running on tired legs and then some trail runs, I think I will leave the decision to which shoes trail or road for the Ultra until nearer the time, reviews of the race say if its been dry take road since you will need the cushioning, I see some people take both but they  either run in lightweight compact shoes/ or have a crew so can take both.


jeff galloway

Week 1

Typically week 1 was half term, so not much running!  We did a fast 6 mile trail hike on the Monday with the dog then a long slow run of 11 miles on the weekend.

Based on the magic mile my long run pace should be 15 mins 27 sec.   I’m not sure that I can slow down that far but today did a ratio or 20:20 and an average pace of  13 mins 40 seconds.

I had porridge  and a coffee for breakfast about an hour before I went out, then a sachet of baby food about 80 mins into my run.  I took two 500ml soft flasks of water with a scoop of tailwind in each, but only drank about 250ml.  But its good practice carrying the weight.

Heart rate was high for the majority of the run around 185 going up to 215 at some points, however I was never ‘ huffing or puffing’ I could still comfortablly chat!  My watch  has had a software upgrade and one new feature is VO2 max, not sure how accurate a wrist based devise will be but mine is 31 which for my age is good.


jeff galloway

Marathon training lets begin.. take 3

So its 6 months to my next marathon, so following Jeff’s plan I need to start.  I’ll be following his plan again, but last time where my two short runs were normal plods this time I will incorporate speed work and hills, and my non running days try to increase my speed on the dog walk.  Some of my training this time will also be on trails since 11 weeks after the Newport Marathon I’ve got Race to the Stones.

So tomorrow I’ll do my Magic Mile, I’ve never really bothered with this before since the pace ends up slower than my walk, but Jeff advices it just to see how you progress over time.

jeff galloway

Running an Ultra the Jeff Galloway way…

Yesterday I got to meet Jeff, he shock my hand and said Hi, I’m Jeff – like I didn’t know!  He is such a lovely man.


He came to Cardiff, for a 3.5 hour talk on the method clarifying any points we have. I took lots of notes.  I started with his method when I kept getting injured and wasn’t really enjoying the running, I started with his Run Walk Run Method book and then on to his Marathon you can do it book.  Since then i’ve tried to stick to two short runs a week and then a longer run, but mostily ignored the drills, magic mile and speed training – all seemed a bit too much hard work!  But after the seminar I now know why I should be doing the drills ( to get faster) so I will now incorporate them into my work outs.

He also recommended his trail running book since that has ultra plans in, while allowing you to still have a life, so I will probably ditch the first book I bought about ultra and follow Jeff’s plan. He also state that time on feet will help endurance, so if you have to walk the dog do that, if you miss a long run, carry on with the next one planned but walk more of it.

So here goes ultra training the Jeff Galloway way ……..



Race to the stones

So I’ve entered my first Ultra Race to the stones, this one has good reviews a mixture of walkers and runners so hopefully no stress about time cut offs.  I’ve opted to do it in two days so roughly 50km each day, the 100km straight through would mean running throughout the night in the dark on my own so I didn’t fancy that one.

The training plan they provide is for beginers and not people who have a marathon 11 weeks before! So I’ve bought a book on running your first ultra and I will follow some of that, mainly the millage and  back to back runs rather than the interval and hill sessions, I’m aiming to finish rather than a time.



Let go further

Last year, I just didnt have time to keep up with my marathon training blog, but yes I  completed the Newport Marathon a 2nd time, a bit slower this time, and there were less people running and supporters so I was on my own most of the time.  So 3rd time lucky to get under 5 hours 30 mins!  I have entered again next year.  I have also got my eye on some Ultra’s just need to work out how to get to start and  home from the finish when they are not in the same location!